A bright light and a Big Bang

Your daily dose of natural disaster and amazing phenomena for March 1, 2021

No, that’s not what you think it is!

Millions of mosquitoes form a giant tornado near Buenos Aires, Argentina

A large fireball exploded in a loud bang over southwestern England on Sunday, February 28 at 21:55 GMT… Did you see it?

Very bright, wasn’t it? Probably brighter than the full moon…

Extreme hail storm turns streets into icy rivers and floods hospital in South Africa… Impressive is the least I can say!

Tokyo asks China to stop anal swab tests for COVID-19 on Japanese citizens

Tsunami of plastic on Brazilian beaches

Flooding emergency in Kentucky

The effects of the devastating winter freeze will haunt Texas for years

The pictures as well

Manatee extinction crisis: Already 317 dead this year in Florida

How many of you know that the US Army sprayed radioactive chemicals onto US citizens in St-Louis and Corpus Christi? Are gigantic Sahara storms now a new way to hit us with radiation?

Why does Bill Gates want all this land?

Because of Flying Syringes?

Sodalite is a type of rock that reacts with UV light. When exposed to it, the rock turns to a golden, lava-like color…

Whale songs could reveal deep secrets beneath the oceans

That’s a perfect Hole in One

Now you can buy your plot of Amazon rainforest on FB marketplace ads

Satanic temple in Texas files lawsuit demanding “religious right” to sacrifice babies through abortion

GIANT amethyst geode crystals from Uruguay

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