A fireball plunges into a volcano...

Your daily dose of natural disaster and amazign phenomena for May 29, 2021...

Amazing fireball plunges into Merapi volcano in Indonesia…

Now cannibal mice are swarming Australian farms and homes

Very bright meteor fireball in Brazil…

What is your circadian rhythm and how does it work?

Memorial Day weekend washout likely for millions

Corona passport in Denmark

Another fireball over Scotland & Northern Ireland on May 26, 2021…

Cannonball-sized megacryometeor

Brazil on drought alert

Unprecedented mercury accumulation in Pacific Ocean trenches

Bird sings along with perfect pitch to man playing guitar…

American soldiers mistakenly reveal the exact locations of US nuclear weapons in Europe

U.S. fails to intercept test missile target

To boost their stocks

New species: "Chocolate frog"…

Mass exodus in Goma, Congo after second official volcano warning

Mead, Nebraska has probably very bad sperm counts

Nine US Navy warships were swarmed by up to 100 UFOs in one month

Scientists concerned about a tsunami in Lake Tahoe

Potentially hazardous asteroid will shoot past Earth next week

Triplets talking to an unseen figure…

A California cafe owner is charging customers a $5 fee if they wear a face mask or are 'caught bragging' about getting vaccinated

A viral TikTok video brought chaos to Huntington Beach

Water will become the most sought after commodity in the next few months… Protect it now… (affiliate)

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