A haunting solar halo...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for June 4, 2021...

Surprise solar halo captured over Cancun, Mexico

First images of the newly formed submarine volcano near Mayotte

13 natural remedies for restless leg syndrome

An alien photographed inside a spaceship?

Madhouse at the End of the Earth… (affiliate)

A flying dragon over Georgia…

Let’s microwave your face

Facebook wants your thoughts and prayers

TikTok scans of your FACE and voice

Amazon to spread your data

A magnitude 4.2 earthquake was observed about 9 miles ESE of Fairfax along the SD/NE border. The largest earthquake recorded in South Dakota was a magnitude 4.5 quake south of Huron in 1911.

Stray dogs eat human corpses dumped in India after COVID death

Global food prices surge to near decade high

FBI director compares ransomware challenge to 9/11 Start acting

Catastrophe of sexual abuse

Tornado touches down, kills 1 and injures 16, in China…

More than 100 cats have been rescued from a home in New Jersey

Puppies are born with “human-like” social skills

Prayers for rain

Whale killing in Faroe Islands could be worst in year

Is the Cascadia waking up? Two M5.9 quakes hit within minutes off Oregon coast

Best of: The Next Rupture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone Will Spell the Worst Natural Disaster in the History of North America

Dozens of ‘underprepared’ hikers need help at Grand Canyon

Major hurricane landfall likely this year in United States

Woman with HIV had the coronavirus for 216 days and the virus mutated at least 30 times inside her

Bioluminescent water in the Netherlands…

Huge tidal wave demolished 373 MILES of Scotland's coastline

The U.S. needs a Digital Dollar to counter China’s threat

$25k stolen in 1 minute

A giant shark

GREAT BOOK: Madhouse at the End of the Earth… (affiliate)

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