A Pac Man sunset

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for July 7, 2021...

Hunger is not far away

Unusually beautiful Pac Man sunset from the Golden Isles, Ga… By Glenda Johnson

Big cloud of Mars dust glowing in the night sky

Fire whirl from the Tennant Fire in NoCal on June 29th captured on weather radar too…

That’s insane! More than 710,000 lightnings in 15 hours

And look at the aftermath of this hailstorm in Cardston, Alberta… Rivers of hail…

More than a billion seashore animals may have cooked to death in B.C. heat wave

A mysterious gathering of jellyfish continues to grow along the Rhode Island coast

Amazing blue jet captured in Australia by photographer Jeff Miles!

Cell phones sharply increase tumor risk

Not enough blood in the US

Eruption of Etna volcano… by Giuseppe Distefano / Marco Restivo

Sign of LIFE found on Saturn’s moon

An end-of-life calculator

Large cracks up to to 300 meters in length are starting to open up in the town of San Salvador de Atenco. Here others recent fissures in Mexico: 1, 2, 3, 4

A volcano, a fishing boat, and a narrow escape

Always have clean water… (affiliate)

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