Amazing pictures of the solar eclipse

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for June 10, 2021...

Amazing pictures of the solar eclipse of this morning

Departing sunspot AR2831 erupted on June 9th (1159 UT) and hurled a massive plume of plasma into space. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the debris in mid-flight:

The plume in this image is almost 400,000 km long--about the same as the distance from Earth to the Moon. It raced away from the blast site faster than 2800 km/s (6.2 million mph), ripping away part of the sun's atmosphere.

Mysterious booms and rumblings rattle San Diego

Spectacular fireball over Spain…

Messages from outer space?

U.S. Navy used drone to refuel fighter jet in the air

Prehistoric megalodon sharks might have been even bigger than previously thought

Memorial Day Weekend beachgoers circled by sharks off Florida beach…

Animals revived after 24,000 years

Ancient 'megalake' covered more than one million square miles across Europe and Asia

Common cold makes a comeback

Arizona utility worker coaxes bear from power pole…

And what about this bear?

There’s a fifth ocean now!

I was thanking God

A volcanic eruption 39 million years ago buried a forest in Peru… And now it is revealed

Amazing tornado in Colorado…

Apocalyptic hailstorm kills hundreds cattle in Pakistan (photos and video)

Telegraph, Mescal fires prompt evacuations, road closures in Arizona

17 million salmon will be released into S.F. bay in bid to save species

For the first time since the 1940s, wolf pups have been confirmed to be living in Colorado in the wild….

Did it stop the mouse plague?

What was this mysterious black substance on Wells Beach, Maine?

Keystone XL Oil Project Abandoned by Developer

She went on a naked rampage at a Florida Outback, and video shows the destruction…

There are so many cicadas that they appear on weather radars

UFOs repeatedly 'took offline' US nuclear capabilities

Diamond price soaring

"Mega-drought" in West means threat of extreme fire season

Dark matter hides inside another 4th dimension

Woman gives birth to 10 babies

More than 1 million gallons of radioactive waste handled at Savannah River Site facility

Drink pure water with this certified emergency water filter… (affiliate)

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