America is sinking underwater

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for August 24, 2021...

Hi everybody, I hope you had a great weekend! Here some news:

Mexico, NC, Tennessee and the US Northeast under water

  • For the first time in 30 years, a hurricane has made landfall in New England. Tropical Storm Henri brought storm winds and heavy rain to Rhode Island Saturday.

    Henri brought a record for rain in one hour in New York City and dumped heavy rain into central New Jersey, leaving more than 120,000 homes without power on Sunday afternoon.

    Rhode Island, New York, and Connecticut have all declared states of emergency, but experts say the storm is weakening as it moves inland across New England.

    As a result of all of the rain, flooding is predicted in Long Island, eastern New York, northeastern Pennsylvania, and parts of New England. President Biden said FEMA is prepared to begin emergency assistance.

Other science and disaster news

A major earthquake and tsunami will destroy Andalusia in Spain

Geothermal heat: Antarctica is melting from below

Africa's most populous city may soon be unlivable, experts warn

Five people were killed, two were missing and six were injured in a fire on Pemex's offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Caldor Fire is burning out-of-control in Northern California: Thousands evacuated, dozens of homes destroyed

Evacuation launched after Greece’s Evia island is hit by second wildfire in two weeks

It’s August and it’s snowing in Colorado and Utah! Flooding, hail, high winds and tornadoes also reported

Astronomers discover new alien megastructure in the Milky Way and no one knows what it is

The Middle East is running out of water, and parts of it are becoming uninhabitable

Major snowstorm cuts raods and strands dozens in Neuquén, Argentina


Afghanistan, again, becomes a cradle for Jihadism - and Al Qaeda & we should not forget ISIS too early

Almost terrifying! Look at these robots performing parkour

The Food and Drug Administration fully approved the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine

New York City is instituting a vaccine mandate for all public school teachers and staff

The pandemic has most Americans paying no federal income taxes

The shortages are going to get worse later this year as global supply chains increasingly falter

Vancouver coyote attacks on people increase dramatically, bite their own tail, and biologists don’t understand why

First cross-river railway bridge between China and Russia completed & Here’s the Google map location

The rise of the 'alien' face

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