And suddenly the water and sun turned RED

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for September 12, 2021...

Hi everybody! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Here some interesting news!

The Dead Sea is disappearing. Its receding creates huge sinkholes, that sometimes get filled up by rain of flood water. A few days ago, water in one of those cave-ins turned pinkish-RED in Jordan. Some clear signs of the Times

Officials are investigating the source and cause of the RED color. But one thing is clear… The Dead Sea will be wiped out of the maps soon. More…

Natural Disasters

Geoenginnering going bad in China! Apocalyptic storm hits Beijing…

Hurricane Larry: From a windy hurricane in Bermuda and Canada to a vicious blizzard in Greenland… A really long journey…

One of the largest prominences in years is coiling over the northeastern limb of the sun. Alan Friedman sends this picture from Buffalo, New York:

Look at the image of Earth for scale! OMG! More images: from Richard Schrantz of Nicholasville, KY; from Zachary Coker of Huntsville, Alabama; from Günter Kleinschuster of Feldbach, Austria; from Apollo Lasky of Naperville, Illinois; from James Roger Samworth of Nailstone, UK; from Ivar Hamberg of Nice, France; from Ted Adachi of Montreal, Canada… If you have a solar telescope, take a look!

Meanwhile the sun is looking blood red due to fire smoke (Below: Texas and Oklahoma pictures)

At least 1 dead, 10 missing in landslide near Mexico CityMore

25-meter endangered blue whale washes ashore on beach south of Halifax, Canada…

Hundreds of sparrows die after sudden changes in temperature in Indonesia… More

Category 5 Super Typhoon Chanthu heads for direct hit on Taiwan

Global deaths from natural disasters in History…


Best foods to add to your diet to reduce chronic pain

Falling cat saved at Miami Hurricanes football game…

The Georgia Guidestones and the globalist plan to reduce humanity to half a billion

Europe's doors are slamming shut for Americans

Paul Karason gradually got blue skin after he took a homemade silver chloride in an attempt to treat problems with his sinuses, dermatitis and other issues. This condition is called Argyria…

If you have small children… You know this is true! Recovering from a lack of sleep takes longer than you might think

Russia used new combat robots and tactical vehicles during the "Zapad-2021" war games (large military drills with Belarus)… Ukraine and some NATO countries alarmed

A screenshot of the Yahoo homepage on the morning of 9/11…

What does a 750-pound alligator eat? Well, just about anything it wants, but items found in this particular Mississippi alligator's stomach defy odds and date back thousands of years

Los Angeles Port logjam tops 50 ships - Wait exceeds up to eight days

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