Are these clouds normal or signs of the Endtimes?

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for may 5, 2021...

Are these clouds normal?

Or signs of the apocalypse?

And what about this gigantic ice bomb?…

This monster hail went through a roof in San Antonia, Texas, again

During the same storm: Lightning kills 15 cattle in Macon County, Alabama

Strange Sound of Antarctic ice boreholes…

New tsunami threat for California

Venus has a core about the same size as Earth’s

Woman gives birth to 9 babies

Earth changes summary - April 2021…

Woman missing for months found alive… camping

What's the minimum number of people needed to survive an apocalypse

The world's heaviest moth is so big it can't fly properly

It’s a little bit of a middle finger to the system

Inflation risk intensifies with supply shortages multiplyingAnd prices soaring

Trump stays banned

This erupting volcano looks very close to Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland…

Yellowstone volcano hit by 43 earthquakes amid fears of overdue supereruption

A mental health startup built its business on easy-to-use technology. Patients joined in droves. Then came a catastrophic data breach

Free menstrual products to students in Washington

They now eat ROTTEN meat to get high

Up to 80 tons of dead fish on the banks of Lake Qaraoun in Libanon…

Iran releases horrifying fake propaganda video showing the US Capitol blow up

At least two mysterious directed-energy attacks on American soil panic US officials

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