Beware of your drinking water...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 31, 2021...

Today, the sun looks like an orange billiard ball--featureless with no sunspots.

Giant asteroid impacts Antarctica

First interstellar comet may be the most pristine ever found

Magnetic anomalies across the Solar System

The largest volcano on Earth is heating up

Opioid deaths in America reached new highs in the pandemic

Some 200,000 animals trapped in Suez canal likely to die

Brain cells in a culture dish trying to form connections with each other

Now fight aging and restore your youthful appearance and vitality

Amish and Mennonite communities have reached herd immunity… Now, soon extinct?

Hypnosis changes the way our brain processes information

UFO sightings in Canada skyrocketed in 2020

The latest over Montreal:

Stare into the eye of the Sahara

We’re all doomed

Greenland's ice turns black

Megalodon and Mastodon Teeth found in a Single Dive on the Peace River in Central Florida

We sampled tap water across the US – and found arsenic, lead and toxic chemicals

Now it’s time to get the best water filter round… (affiliate link)

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