Bleeding from their eyes...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for May 20, 2021...

Massive May snowstorm to unload feet of snow across Montana

Sinabung again…

Attack of the drones… or UFOs?

Madagascar on the brink of famine after worst drought in 40 years

A somehow totally crazy cloud near Earth, Texas…

Barnsdall Mayor: Breach At Lake Waxhoma Dam, Oklahoma

The North Pole is moving, and the shutdown means we aren’t keeping up

Eight calves, bleeding from their eyes, killed by lightning in Ireland…

killer fungi are the newest emerging microbe threat across the world

NOAA predicts 6th consecutive above-average hurricane season

World's largest iceberg A-76 breaks off of Antarctica

California’s race to secure its grid against summer blackouts

US government in possession of 'exotic material' from UFOs

Amazing video shows bright green fireball disintegrating in the night sky over Morocco (event 2847-2021) on May 17, 2021. Amazing!

Corona: From dogs to humans

U.S. insurance giant CNA Financial Corporation pays US$ 40 million after a ransomware attack...

NYC’s new floating park, is a marvel

Imagine being this lucky…

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