Brain-eating amoeba on the rise

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for May 31, 2021...

Brewster, KS - Never seen something such amazing in days…

A secret ocean 300 miles below the earth is responsible for the mysterious deep earthquakes

Experimental fusion reactor sets world record for superheated plasma time

Shortly before 10 PM on Tuesday May 25 2021, a large fireball streaked across the sky of the Mid Atlantic US mostly centered over Maryland…

It is so dry in California right now that lake beds and rivers turn to dust

Arizona's iconic saguaro cactus is flowering "wrong"

Natural remedies for hair loss

Space junk hits ISS…

Will the next spaceweather season be stormy?

Food-delivery apps want to bring you more than your next meal

Risk of brain-eating amoeba, flesh-eating bacteria on the rise

Retail beef and pork prices cause sticker shock

Hunt for 'Covid patient zero'

Restaurants raise prices amid soaring costs, labor shortage

Rainbow Wrasse caught off Christmas Island…

Eviction wave ahead

Arizona brings back gas chamber

First evidence of cell membrane molecules in space

State of emergency in NZ…

Lightning kills in India and in the Philippines

COVID-19 is man-made, 'No credible natural ancestor'

Swarm of aftershocks strike near Disneyland

If all statues on Earth came to life and became hostile, which one would be the deadliest/scariest and be the most difficult to destroy? This child eater in Bern would be hard to beat… What do you think?

The mystery of Silpho saucer

Record sales of metal detectors across the US...

You want to join the masses? That’s the best metal detector around… (affiliate)

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