Devil's horns solar eclipse

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for May 16, 2021...

The Ring of Fire is shaking hard

Another deep sea fish surface off Victoria, British Colombia, probably trying to escape the screeching stress of Cascadia subduction zone…

The mystery of Silpho saucer

Sunrise during a solar eclipse…

Two giant cracks in Mexico again

Residents report shaking and loud noises in the Bay Area

New cybernetic medicine

Tornado hits Wuhan, kills 6, injures 218…

18 elephants killed by lightning in India

Lightning bolt kills 22 goats in Haryana, India

350 rare antelopes killed by lightning in Kazakhstan

The Super Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26 will be a very big deal

Why are Gates and Pentagon releasing GMO mosquitoes in Florida Keys?

Early U.S. data suggest May jobs report could echo April weakness

Chief Eli Mabel in Papua holding his mummified ancestor…

Ex-Army officer ADMITS he saw ‘alien the size of a 10-year-old child’ after famous Roswell UFO crash in incredible video

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