Do you hear the trumpets of the apocalypse?

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for February 8, 2021

Powerful eruption of Pacaya volcano in Guatemala:

Somehow out-of-this-world (Simuna, Estonia, Feb. 6th) by Janek Pärn:

Did you hear this loud blast in Overland Park?

China, Iran and Bitcoin farming… The new mafiaTesla also entering the market

Lightning kills 25 cattle:

When a U.S. fighter pilot meets the man that shot him down 15 years later

Now, I wonder why all stun guns are currently unavailable on Amazon

Australia, where even the sharks are not safe from the saltwater crocodiles:

Walking is one of the simplest and most strategic things you can do for yourself

China to build the world’s biggest dam on sacred Tibetan riverWell, this dam collapsed just yesterday in India:

Flood kills dozens in Morocco underground factory

That should become Federal holiday

Downloading child pornography using your employer's network is never a good idea. Isn't that right, police commander? And please stop drinking off-duty!


No more AstraZeneca in South Africa

The 'fun' can stop with unemployment, ill-health and even death

Enjoy your submobiles

Again, and again, and again:

Scientists develop transparent wood that is stronger and lighter than glass

Ship having a hard time sailing the North Sea:

Hacker tries to poison water of Florida City

Arctic Ocean was once a tub of fresh water covered with a half-mile of ice

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