Farewell Bezos...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for June 7, 2021

Geologists finally investigate mysterious skyquake booms

Mystery 'explosion' baffles residents in Fishergate area, York, UK

Farewell Bezos

Very bright meteor captured early June 6, 2021 over Southern Queensland, Australia:

Meteor fireball over Brazil may have come from another solar system… video of the sky event below:

Earth solid-iron inner core is growing faster on one side than the other

Humans have the 'untapped' ability to regenerate body parts

China is turning its water-scarcity crisis into a weapon

U.S. experiencing dangerous nationwide heat wave…

2 Arizona wildfires burn 60,000 acres and force hundreds to evacuate

Lizard of Oz: Australia’s biggest dinosaur discovered

Major quake swarm hits Salton Sea… Are the Salton Buttes volcanoes waking up?

Meanwhile, the swarm continues: A total of 1850 earthquakes recorded in the last 24 hours and increasing…

Now Mt. Hood is swarming too

Scientist goes 10,000 meters down the ocean and finds a Teddy Bear

Another 'extinct' animal found alive, this time it's the Galápagos tortoise

What’s going on off Miami Beach?

Chinese UFO task force overwhelmed by surge in sighting reports

New outbreak of mysterious and deadly brain disease has Canadian health officials baffled

Deutsche Bank warns of global inflation ‘time bomb’

Jerusalem sinkhole swallows up parked cars…

Panic among wildlife experts as birds are suddenly going blind and dying around Washington DC

A generation of seabirds was wiped out by a drone in Orange County

Ticks on a 'quest' for blood at California's beaches… Lyme risk

Anonymous message to Elon Musk…

Now that the sun is back, learn the best ways to get Vitamin D naturally

Enjoy the amazing ‘Ring of Rire’ solar eclipse on June 10, 2021 without going blind

Get your solar eclipse glasses before it’s too late… (affiliate)

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