Ghostly fireflies...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 21, 2021...

Fireflies photographed in trees with long time exposure…

People are being starved

US’s corn belt has lost a third of its topsoil

We don’t want to see what’s next

Mount Doom in Middle Earth… Real life (Iceland)

Strong M1-class solar flare causes blackout over the Pacific Ocean

Feeling hungry all the time?

Let’s kill 90% of wolves roaming Idaho

Dozen seals found decapitated along Nova Scotia beaches

Government warns of n water and food for Winter 2021!

How to survive a killer asteroid

How dreams change under authoritarianism

Ipuwer Papyrus describes ancient catastrophes…

The Dead Sea is dying

Hitachi Seaside Park, JAPAN and its amazing nemophilas flowers…

Nuclear fallout found in U.S. honey

Face masks are absolutely worthless against Covid

How is that possible?

The mystery of Silpho Saucer

Meteor/fireball Ohio April 19 2021

Did you know about frog farming? It looks like very lucrative

A western drama

Brazil-nut mystery solved

Another in Australia…

Indonesian sub missing with 53 people after torpedo test

Another boat drama

Iran is happy

There are those who go beyond the problem and there are those who solve the problem at its roots

The Golden Plover is a bird that hatch with the power of camouflage fully activated. These fluffy birds match the mossy Arctic nesting site perfectly…

Huge numbers of UFOs in Canada recently

No memory of who I am

Get prepared for the incoming water emergency… (affiliate)

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