Happy international women's day you fossilized dinosaur skin

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 8, 2021...

Not only is marie curie the only woman in this picture but also she's the only one who's been awarded 2 nobel prizez, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY

Girls can become Eagle Scouts, now… What?!?

Fossilized dinosaur skin

Bata explosion chaos and disaster

Scientists have discovered the most distant radio blast ever known

Cloud seeding enforced in Taiwan as the island faces worst drought in 56 years

Loud boom and body-rattling vibration across Vermont

What created the unusual red, blue and white tails in Comet NEOWISE?

Now cracks are opening up southwest of Reykjavik, Iceland

Total forest destruction

Underlying volcano melted Iceland's ‘Funeral Glacier’

He was only a cat

165,000 egg-laying hens burn alive near Phoenix

This is crazy

Plague of wasps in Australia

130 seconds of the night sky during thunderstorm…

That’s perfect for Mars, right?

Happiness comes from family, community, nature

Will the real financial bubble please stand up?

The last words for Koko the Gorilla:

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