Hells Bells

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 2, 2021...

Underwater stalactites known as "Hells bells"

Earth wobbles and the consequences are amazing

Geological records tell us that, at the end of the last ice age around 14,600 years ago, sea levels rose at ten times the current rate due to Meltwater Pulse 1A (MWP-1A); a 500 year, ~18 meter sea-level rise event

Taiwan train crash: 50 killed, 146 hurt

Japan releases map predicting major quakes…

California on seismic alert

Boost your intelligence… (affiliate)

Coral reef protects from tsunamisBut barrier reef are doomed… So we are

There's another pandemic under our noses, and it kills 8.7m people a year

The next version of Xenobots. These tiny biological robots that self-assemble, carry out tasks, and can repair themselves can now move faster, and record information.

Iconic Mount Fuji is more dangerous than previously thought

Alabama Fire Chief Pulls Gun on Black Realtor and Photographer

Flat Earther Busted in Freemason Arson Spree

Capitol attack: 2 injured, one dead and an unprecedented helicopter landing:

Strange cotton candy planets…

Let’s talk about Covid super mutations now

Sao Paulo exhumes old graves to make space for Covid victims

This is also the rule in Guatemala but not for the same reason

Deer crashes through Virginia school bus window, lands on sleeping student

Kuwait Records Hottest March Temperature Ever Amid Dust Storms and Locusts

US job market blows expectations and boom by 916,000 in March

Food delivery app and obesity linked

Triphallia: baby boy born with 3 penises in Iraq

Meanwhile in Alaska…

Worrying signs in the Canadian housing market

Chemicals found in 1000 processed food harm the immune system

Seeing is believing

This is the best water filtration system… Buy it before it’s too late… (affiliate)

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