Hopefully is tonight's Pink Supermoon not a sign of doom!!!

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 26, 2021...

Hundreds of giant sinkholes are devouring Turkey’s breadbasket

April’s pink supermoon is a its fullest tonight…

What’s going on in Lake Tahoe

Gigantic gladiator arena unearthed in Turkey

New radar can 'scan' Earth's surface through any obstacle

Strange ripples in northern lights… These are "dunes," a newly recognized form of aurora named after their resemblence to desert sand dunes.

Signs of the times: Tornado and double rainbow in Texas

Thousands affected by Lake Tanganyika rising up

The effects of solar flares on Earth's magnetosphere

Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock - Stunning War on Farming/Ranching…

Will the Cascadia Earthquake be the worst disaster North America has ever seen?

Body's natural pain killers can be enhanced

Crazy! Dolphins learn the 'names' of their friends to form teams

Extremely rare two-headed calf born in North Macedonia…

Woman swallowed by monster python alive

M6.4 earthquake hits 205 km WSW of Haveluloto, Tonga

'No safer at 60 feet than 6 feet'

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