Iron-oxide rainbow

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 19, 2021

Another sign of the Endtimes: Iron-Oxide rainbow… Chandler, Arizona by @SirlinJohn

Lost temple reappears after drought in Thailand

Jupiter’s famous bands of clouds are located in the lower atmosphere, where winds have previously been measured. But tracking winds right above this atmospheric layer, in the stratosphere, is much harder since no clouds exist there. By analysing the aftermath of a comet collision from the 1990s and using the ALMA telescope, researchers have been able to reveal incredibly powerful stratospheric winds, with speeds of up to 1450 kilometres an hour, near Jupiter’s poles. Now watch these powerful stratospheric winds near Jupiter’s south pole…

Glaciers and enigmatic stone stripes in the Ethiopian Highlands

Flash floods, towns evacuated and dams on the brink of spilling over across New South Wales, Australia

Mauna Loa Volcano earthquake swarm

Military drone washes ashore in Florida

Robot doctors take over hospital

All the major pyramid systems of the world in Egypt, China, Mexico, and Antarctica align with the stars of Orion. So do the black cubes that are now where the twin towers and building 7 used to be. Tallest obelisk in the world is in DC. Whoever is running our planet knows about all this…

Mars’s core is surprisingly large

Truck driver catch amazing UFO near Portland

Mysterious fireball ignites blaze in Peachland, Canada

This has gone viral and you have sent it my way. Thanks!

6am flight from DCA to ATL. Delta airlines… OMG!

Stand up women!

A wildlife photographer has joked that his wife beat him at his own game - as she captured this amazing photo of one of the world’s largest owls perched on his camera lens.

Pretty cool, no?

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