It’s all Biblical!

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for July 2, 2021...

Africa looks like it has been colored in orange

Hurricane Elsa is heading to Disney World

Red Fourth of July threatens St. Petersburg

Idaho sockeye in danger

Terrifying moment shark jumps out of the water and bites off parasailer's foot…

A market collapses

Heavy rains endanger some Illinois crops

Hundreds evacuated as Tennant, Lava fires rage in Siskiyou County

Smoke from wildfires north of Redding, CA may spread into eastern Oregon and portions of Idaho over the next 24 hours… WOW!

10 best essential oils for anxiety and panic attacks

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Contaminated water after fires threatens US West

Push alert asking New York City residents to conserve power…

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting

Michigan beaches full of sh

Mysterious methane detections on Mars baffle NASA scientists

A new, powerful and beautiful paroxysmal episode at Etna's Southeast Crater (Italy) on July 2, 2021…

This is why moringa is the favorite superfood of doomsday preppers

A new kind of visual illusion uncovers how our brains connect the dots

Severe inflation ahead

A pink double rainbow stretched across the sky over Maryville, Missouri…

The infamous New Madrid Fault will take out 150 miles of the Midwest and will end up more devastating than the San Andreas Big One which is also overdue!

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