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Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 10, 2021

Moon rising between starships by John Kraus

Antarctica doomsday or when volcanoes beneath ice suddenly erupt and make planet Earth ‘uninhabitable’

Spectacular strombolian and lava fountain eruptions at Klyuchevskaya Sopka Volcano, the highest active volcano in Eurasia…

Uncommon fish wash ashore amid cold snap in South Africa

Strange bipedal creatures roam the streets of Brazil

Meanwhile, Cat. 4 tropical cyclone ‘Habana’ roars in the Indian Ocean

Mammoth tusk hut. In 1965, four mammoth bone huts were found in Mezhirich (central Ukraine) by a farmer who was digging a cellar. These dwellings dated back 15,000 years ago and had a total of 149 bones in the construction.

And this mysterious Ice Age structure was built from bones of 60 mammoths

Christian girls aducted, forced to convert to Islam and then married at 12

Wormholes open for transport

San Cristobal volcano eruption buries cities in ash in Nicaragua:

In Ecuador too!

Now it’s time to get your premium emergency survival kit

You have also been probably hacked

Algorithms for people to get enraged

Amazon Alexa invisible sound wavesYes, they are watching you

Rare blue-coloured king crab found off the coast of Alaska…

The Arctic Ocean was once filled with fresh water

Some sea slugs grow new bodies after decapitation

Shoot till they are dead

UFOs are time machines from future…

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