Meanwhile around the world...

Your daily dose of natural disaster and amazing phenomena for march 28, 2021...

Another brutal weather event

Merapi in Indonesia is in a furious mood!

Pacaya volcano is pretty bad too right now… Continuous eruption since 50 days!

These Satan Shoes contain a human blood

Flights halted in Nepal after thick smoke from wildfires cut back visibility

Super-cold thunderstorm sets temperature record

Next sand storm for China-Mongolia…

Latest, 2 weeks ago, killed dozens of people

Mystery disease kills one girl and leaves dozens more ill

Remains of impact that created the Moon may lie deep within Earth

The Canadian province of Ontario was hit by strong winds on Friday, March 26, causing a dangerous storm surge and high waves that reached rooftops on the shores of Lake Erie…

Record rains kill 4, force 130 swift-water rescues in Nashville as more storms slam battered South

World’s first cities collapsed due to overpopulation and Earth change 4,000 years ago

Philippines deploys air force as tensions over Chinese ships rise

I just found a TIV…

China nuclear reprocessing to create stockpiles of weapons-level materials

Now measure radiation around you and your home… (affiliate)

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