Moon will turn blood red on Wednesday's total lunar eclipse

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for May 25,2021...

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This will be a pretty wild BLOOD MOON!

Amazing lunar eclipse almanach for the 21st century… (affiliate)

Eaten by a dino

STEVE – Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement — is a rare space weather phenomenon. It was not formally described until 2018, though descriptions were found from a Norwegian scientist who recorded these strange Aurora between 1911 and 1944.

How to detox your liver and plan your cleanse

NAZCA TOMB ALIENS: Are thes strange mummified bodies fake?

Greenland glacial meltwaters rich in mercury

Fermilab used to clean its particle accelerators with a ferret named Felicia, who would run through the tubes with cleaning supplies attached and be rewarded with hamburger meat…

Just an apocalyptic foretaste

Mysterious air base is being built on a volcanic island off Yemen

Thousands phones unwittingly tracked after jab

Unseen in years

Bloody election season in Mexico

Diabetes vaccineAnd soon mRNA for HIV and Flu… Jab Time!

Girl who used to be paralysed visits her nurse…

China is shaking strong

Our children are dying like dogs

Alarming rise in the number of burglaries across San Francisco

A Full moon rising over Mt. Hood…

WATCH: Giant volcanic eruption in Africa

Heavy metal vapours unexpectedly found in comets

Discover diagrams, maps, and data for all 228 lunar eclipses occurring from 2001 through 2100… (affiliate)

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