Mysterious signs in the sky

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 13, 2021

That’s not natural

On Perseverance mission sol 12 (March 2) the SuperCam instrument atop the rover's mast zapped a rock dubbed Ma'az 30 times from a range of about 3.1 meters. Its microphone recorded the soft staccato popping sounds of the rapid series of SuperCam laser zaps. Shockwaves created in the thin martian atmosphere as bits of rock are vaporized by the laser shots make the popping sounds, sounds that offer clues to the physical structure of the target. This SuperCam close-up of the Ma'az target region is 6 centimeters (2.3 inches) across. Ma'az means Mars in the Navajo language. Now listen to the laser shots in the video below:

Terrifying video! Lightning kills 1 and injures 3 in India

Mauna Loa’s long nap may be coming to an end

Highest-energy cosmic rays detected in star clusters

A large chunk of space debris, or something else…

Now get your own meteorite

At least 3.8 million fish killed during Texas winter weather


Meeting a curious fish on a glorious day

Snapdragon seed pods look like little skulls…

And there’s a weird zombie hand growing in my garden

Asbestos lurked in J&J Baby Powder

Facebook is killing journalism and democracy

A 19th century lantern pistol, aka the tactical flintlock…

Now get your Emergency First Aid Kit

It was an asteroid

In the 1970's the US spent $2 billion on a pyramid-shaped military facility that was active for exactly 24 hours before being "decommissioned"

This dog looks terrifying at first glance…

Insomniacs and troubled sleepers of StrangeSounds, when you wake up at 3am and can’t fall back asleep, what do you do?

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