New York: First US vaccine passports

Your daily dose of natural disaster and amazing phenomena for March 26, 2021...

New York launches US first 'vaccine passports'

Mysterious booms rattle Montreal in the middle of the night… Very loud indeed!

Mount Etna's sixteenth eruption in five weeks…

Amazing waterfalls cascade down Sacred Uluru in Australia

From 250,000$ to 0 in 1 sec

Patience please… Suez canal from above

Ebola ‘outbreak’ possible in the US: 23 travellers monitored in WA, 4 in OR, 40 in OH

Woman missing for weeks rescued after being found naked in storm drain

Mystery drones swarm Navy destroyers

How a mysterious ship helps North Korea evade oil sanctions…

Something invisible is tearing apart the nearest star cluster to Earth

Welcome ‘Frodosome’

China-Taiwan war ahead?

Just an obese monkey… OMG!


Uber driver had his phone stolen and activates GTA mod to recover it

Adidas is developing plant-based leather that will be used to make shoes

Rare orange aurora in Minnesota by Vincent Ledvina

Hugo Boss, don’t lie to US please

Brain cancer vaccine passes first phase of human trials

FBI warning: Deepfake attacks "almost certain"

Terminal lucidity is a phenomenon in which patients with degenerated brains from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's suddenly regain lucidity, personality and memory before death. There is no known medical explanation for this phenomenon.

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