OMG! I didn't expect this one!

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for February 4, 2021


OMG Scituate! Hope everybody is fine

And some more powerful images of this insane coast-to-coast US storm:

But the worst part is… It’s not finished yet.

Apocalyptic floods in Paraguay:

And out-of-control inferno near Perth:

Cigar-shaped UFO, California, Pacific Ocean

I never heard of such a thing before that


I felt sorry for them

John Matze is gone but don’t believe the hype (video)

KKK website hacked by Israeli Jewish

The world faces around 4,000 variants of the virus

Covid reduces fertility? Really? I just hear about newborn babies right now!

Let’s talk about creepy icycles:

Another vaccine hoax…

But let’s makes 'kids in cages' great again

Mammoths were also in Florida:

Chemists create and capture einsteinium, the elusive 99th element

How would you punish a slave?

A new comet has been discovered

Don’t revve SUV's engine when stuck in snow

Hey Kerry! Let’s fu** the world

Now we can live on the Moon!

Goodbye Newsom?

$10,000 for lawmakers who evade metal detectors

A hell of a storm in Torris, Brazil… Tornado or heavy hail?

Let’s build a quantum brain…

Maybe one of the reason why Bezos just resigned?

Proud Boys are now terrorists!

The enigmatic tablets from Deir ‘Alla, Jordan

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