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Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for February 18, 2021

Trinity quakes: 3 strong M6.1 earthquakes hit within 14 hours

The first image of Mars from Perseverance:

Insane pictures from the Texas deep freeze:

Meanwhile heavy snowfalls hit countries across the Middle East, burrying parts of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt (videos)

Taliban bomb-making class gone wrong… 30 dead!

Meanwhile, these alligators survived the cold snap in SE Oklahoma by freezing themselves in place with their noses above the ice to breathe. More about this amazing phenomenon here!

And this is a rare yellow penguin… OMG!

This is what happens when the wind is blowing at the resonance frequency of a pole.

Here’s is the same thing happening to the Tacoma Bridge before it collapsed!

I remember reading about an archeological site discovered in the mountains that was full the bones of ancient peoples. After painstakingly examining the bones, it was discovered that dozens were killed by a freak hail storm carrying hail the size of baseballs.

Probably something like in the video below:

Mysterious metal monolith destroyed by mob in Congo

Facebook will ban news in Australia

Chichen Itza when it was discovered in 1892 vs. Present-day:

Russia and China ready to sign historic deal to build first moon base

A 48-inch pipe burst and trapped unlucky drivers in Philadelphia. Big hole!

Now, this the kinda stuff you do when you bored to death - Missouri:

Nope, today, you won’t make it to Rhodope mountain, Bulgaria

This is Zeus! A rescued blind owl with stars in his eyes

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