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Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for June 3, 2021...

Thunderstorm in Texas. Photo by Mike Olbinski

More fish kills, more algal blooms and more methane emissions

A banging noise… and then this

What the heck is that?

How to watch next week's "ring of fire" solar eclipse

Disaster feared as acid ship sinks off Sri Lanka

2 Iranian Navy ships are heading to the Americas

15% of Americans believe that their country is controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping paedophiles…

Powerful new paroxysmal eruption of Etna Volcano in videos and photos…

Norton Antivirus mines Ethereum… Weird no?

EU digital ID wallet plans

One injured; 150 evacuated after mud volcano eruption in Columbia…

Laser or green meteor?

African swine fever spreads like wildfire in the Indian state of Mizoram

UFOs aren’t coming from space?

Elephant can suck up water at 330 mph, 30 times faster than a human sneeze… science here

Ancient mega eruption destroyed the ozone layer triggering UV stress effects similar to the aftermath of a nuclear war

Hang onto your purses and wallets

Cartels use weaponized drones in US

A rampaging herd of 15 elephants have trekked 300 miles after breaking out of nature reserve on April 16More info

Earthquake swarm at underwater volcano off Hawaii

New Comet C/2021 J1 (Maury-Attard)

Mysterious radio burst from space is unusually close - and especially baffling

NASA's Curiosity rover snapped this panorama of "mother of pearl" clouds on Mars…

A $1.5 million whale-vomit

Banks have too much cash on their hands - and they're running out of places to put it

Some people believe that the Black Knight Satellite is an alien spacecraft

Grizzly bear charges park ranger at Yellowstone Wyoming…

The still unexplained Battle of Los Angeles

4 tasty foods and quick recipes to better sleep

Teen fends off bear to save her dogs in California…

Always be prepared for disasters and emergency… Start with keeping your water safe and purchase good quality colloidal silver… (affiliate)

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