Owlbino with blood red eyes

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 5, 2021...

Mysterious giant craters in Siberia

And a fiery monster at Fagradalsfjadl, Iceland…

Mt. Everest and the Alps are weirdly getting taller

Dinosaur-killing asteroid gave rise to Amazon rainforest

Mysterious rumblings from inside of Mars detected

Over 80 melon-headed whales wash ashore in Ghana… Article here, video below…

Denver donates bison to tribal nations to return animals to historical habitats

Ketchup shortage in the US

How the Fed took control of the economy

Hundreds of thousands of herrings along Sakhalin’s coast…

3 major scientific discoveries that point to God

Enigmatic black triangular object in California skies

Possible second breach at toxic wastewater reservoir in Florida

Complex solar halo over Tula

Lightnings create Hum that influences human behavior

Army makes gargantuan bet on new augmented reality goggles for soldiers

Satellite images show huge Russian military buildup in the Arctic

Well preserved body of a 200 years old monk sitting in the lotus position in Mongolia.

Immigrant from France fails Quebec's French test for newcomers

Mahendratanaya river dries up in India…

Possible military explosive device washes up on Florida beach

Owlbino with blood red eyes…

M6.1 earthquake hits off New Zealand

Flurry of earthquakes rattles Los Angeles

Prepare for emergency… (affiliate)

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