Plagues, plagues and more plagues...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 22, 2021...

Millions of spiders on the loose in Australia

And they also have a biblical mouse plague

Amazing lightning hits erupting Pacaya volcano in Guatemala…

Arizona will be swallowed by cracks

Greece weather anomalies

Deluge in Peru

You better get a good pump… (affiliate)

Kangaroo in the flooded areas of New South Wales, Australia.
March 21, 2021. © Samantha Townsend

Scientists have detected 109 chemicals in a study of pregnant women, including 55 chemicals never before reported in people and 42 "mystery chemicals," whose sources and uses are unknown

Finland thinks that piles of snow accumulated from road clearing this year are so large, some of the snow will still be frozen when winter returns

China is refining more oil than the US for the first time

Never heard of this before… An intense snow shower over Celje, Slovenia. Picture by Franci Novak…

Rare white moose in Varmland, West Sweden

Bulgaria exposes massive Russian spy ring

This is what I love about sport… Of the 22 people voted to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, 15 of them are are now either banned from FIFA for life, suspended, imprisoned, or fighting extradition to the USA to face federal charges. Only one still actually works for FIFA…

Terrible pics

El Salvador's top surfer dies at 22 after being struck by lightning

Now you better protect your home and family from bolt strikes… (affiliate link)

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