Some weird electric-blue skies

Your daily dose of natural disaster and amazing phenomena for July 1, 2021...

Hi everybody! I am back finally! Things are fine! Thank you!

Here a compilation of some of my recent articles with some pepper and salt (videos and pictures found along the way)…

It’s heating up in the PhilippinesRecord-high amount of sulfur dioxide released

You drink dirt in California

Here’s the best water filter around… (affiliate)

Noctilucent clouds over Moscow on June 29, 2021

Important reminder for those on the West Coast

North America grain crops problems as demand surges

More than 400 dead in Canada amid heat dome

Animation for the temperature until July 3, 2021. Many more records expected to fall…

Polar air blasts New Zealand

New hailstone record in Texas

OMG! That’s insane in France!

Flesh eating parasites on the rise

Plenty of large new cracks in Mexico

In the Philippines too

Storm made in China…

Dragon Man

The ‘Well of Hell’ – A prison for the demons

Terrible Dust Bowl images

44 erupting or activite worldwide… Note: normal is 20 erupting volcanoes at any given time…

This comet so big, it might be a minor planet

Shocking doomsday maps of the world

Mysterious spiral in the skies over the Pacific Ocean

Raging wildfires engulf Stalin's Road of Bones in world's coldest inhabited area Flames were seen engulfing the old Soviet Road of Bones, which links the planet's coldest city Yakutsk with the old Gulag port of Magadan, as wildfires ravage Russia's Yakutia region…

Unexplained deaths of zombie birds across the US

New cycle of catastrophic geological events on Earth

Calm before the storm?

Utah’s Zion National Park closed on June 29 after it was hit by flash flooding. A mudslide had cut off one of Zion’s access roads near Rockville. This footage by Sabrina Wong shows muddy floodwaters gushing past the park’s visitor center…

Does CERN create black holes

Mexico’s second-biggest lake is now a cemetery of abandoned fishing boats

Polynesians discovered Antarctica over 1,300 years ago

Gigantic sandstorm sweeps Mongolia, blocking the sun for more than 40 minutes…

I love this old school Polaroid Camera… (affiliate)

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