The danger comes from above...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 16, 2021...

Plane crashes into a car… Two dead, two injured

Unknown microbes in space

New source of near-Earth asteroids

Eight states are seeding clouds to overcome megadrought… But there is little evidence to show that the process is increasing precipitation

There were many species of giant sloths, one of them used to climb cliffs in Patagonia, and another one swam in the oceans. There was also this one, that dug big tunnels. Luckily they died during the last ice age… Terrifying!

In 2013, the United States bombed the island of Guam with 2,000 dead mice stuffed with painkillers to kill the Brown Tree Snake, an invasive species on the island. Now, they should air drop the Brown Tree Snake in Australia to control the mouse invasions… ;-)

Guess what they have found in Florida

The mutating H5N8 strain of avian flu has a high risk of human-to-human transmission

The fangs of the Emerald Tree Boa

1.5-meter-high tsunami in Germany

Oceans will soon kill us

Germany, what’s wrong with you?

A cosmic eye: Spiral Galaxy NGC 1350

Mars water mystery solved?

New biblical treasures found in the 'The Cave of Horror'

UK announces plans to expand nuclear arsenal from 180-260 weapons, and that it may be prepared to launch nuclear weapons in response to a cyber-attack

Animated heatmap with 23 days' worth of earthquakes in the Reykjanes Peninsula showing the growing intrusion migrating towards Nátthagi.

It’s all about cycles! Ice-free Greenland

New Ebola outbreak likely sparked by a person infected 5 years ago

Google tracks your sleep patterns

That’s a huge one…

Scientists unearth meteorite from the birth of the solar system

And lightning may have sparked life on Earth

China is now U.S.'s greatest enemy

Something out-of-this-world…

Now, you better detect EMF radiations, protect yourself against EMF radiations, and shield your home against nasty EMF radiation… Get ready!

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