The day the sun brought darkness

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 12, 2021

On March 13, 1989, a powerful coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetic field. They call it “the day the sun brought darkness.”

The soul of this burning church has lifted

$3 million for every minute George Floyd was suffocated

As parts of the South flirt with 80 degree temps today, Colorado and Wyoming bracing for up to 30 inches of snow

The Atlantic Ocean is getting wider thanks to upwelling magma

Bitcoin consumes a LOT of energy: more than Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and every single EV - combined. How much more? At least 30% more, maybe 430% more. But for a beautiful moment in time we're creating a lot of value for bitminers

Apocalyptic sandstorm blocks sun and turns sky BLOOD RED in Saudi Arabia

Senators propose a “National Sunshine Protection Act.”

When it’s unclear, it’s clear

NASA is naming the rocks and soil on Mars in the Navajo language

Professional wrestlers enforce the face mask rule at the Central de Abastos market in Mexico City…

Republican men say no to vaccine

Wearing a mask is liberating

The Amazon rainforest is now a net contributor to warming of the planet

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We have the ability to create money... digitally…

Back then, women were among the rulers

NASA scared about space pirates

California port pileup leaves old records in the dust

In an event of collapse, i’ll meet you there…

Scientists unveil the mysterious geology of Antarctica

Believe me, you do NOT want a civil war

YouTube removed 30,000 videos with vaccine information

Analemma: This is how the Sun looks when photographed at the exact same location on varying days throughout the year and always at the same time of day.

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