The highway to heaven

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 22, 2021...

The sun is angry at us

Road known as “the highway to heaven”, Wyoming

The Los Angeles UFO Sighting of 1942

NASA extracts breathable oxygen from thin Martian air

Ice tsunami in Amur River in Khabarovsk, Russia

And here from above:

Antarctica is burning from below

Now Fake shots

Incredible footage of that big crash on I-41 in Washington County:

Again, mutilated cattle in Oregon

New Generation Mexican drug cartel drops bombs on cops in drone attack

Oxygen Leak Leaves at Least 22 COVID Patients DEAD…

Terrifying weather anomalies in video

Syrian missile lands near Israel Dimona nuclear reactor

Something’s brewing along the New Madrid:

More about the overdue and terrifying New Madrid earthquake here

U.S. troops vulnerable to directed-energy attacks

Desert rivers in Saudi Arabia form trees in the sand…

Locust apocalypse in Saudi Arabia


Mysterious Circumzenithal arc in Texas…

Last night Googles's domain for Argentina expired and a guy from Argentina bought for $4 leading to a country wide block of the site for several hours

Earthquake warning alarm… (affiliate)

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