The starlit black leopard

Your daily dose of natural disaster and amazing phenomena for March 2, 2021

Photo of the day: A Starlit black leopard (by Will Burrard-Lucas)

And… A cardinal half female, half male

More pictures of that extremely rare condition here

Major Sinabung eruption in amazing pictures and videos…

It’s ancestors must have been visiting Hiroshima or Nagasaki back in 1945… Found in Japan in 1998 with 96 tentacles…

Pope Francis warns mankind faces a second 'great flood'

My little $11 billion mistake

Meanwhile in China

The eerie sound of jets:

First self-healing robots with living tissues finally exist

New Mexico’s UFO are real

A biblical locust plague is currently sweeping across Saudi Arabia…

And some criters also attacking Australia

Billions of cicada will soon infest the US

Welcome to the first battery-powered tanker

Doctor sells newborn as couple fails to pay hospital bills in Pakistan

White supremacists on par with ISIS as ‘top threat in US, Australia


Horseshoe crab blood harvesting… for vaccines of course… It’s blue!

The rarest naturally occuring element on Earth, astatine, is so rare that there is only 28 grams of it on Earth at any given time. It is difficult to study, as most of its isotopes have a half-life of 1 second or less. Its appearance is not known with certainty.

Space hurricane observed for the first time

Now sit back and enjoy this dreamy rainbow obsidian!

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