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Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 28, 2021...

That is epic!

Plague of locusts hits Israel

Out of this world… in Antarctica…

Massive jolts is felt across northeast India

ISS cameras film mystery ‘V-shaped UFO’

Apocalyptic floods in Colombia

Flash floods around Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Flooding in Makkah.

Perth soon flattened by a ‘Big One’ along Australia’s 1000km Darling Fault

Inside ‘Skinwalker Ranch’ UFO hotspot

Anesthesia works by changing the brain's rhythms

Auroras are usually green, sometimes red. This one captured by Matti Helin over southern Finland is blue:

Blue auroras are caused by solar wind particles raining down on ionized nitrogen molecules (N2+) in the upper atmosphere. Usually the blue is faint, practically invisible. At this time of year, however, blue gets a boost from the Arctic summer sun.

The Elites’ plans are pure, unalloyed Evil

Is the coronavirus vaccine a ticking time-bomb?

Virus alters genes

Major fireball across southern France, Switzerland and northern Italy (AMS event 2408-2021):

Wildfire infernos in Western Siberia as drivers report zero visibility

Scientists detect mysterious melting of Earth’s crust from BC, Canada to Sonora, Mexico… Something related to Cascadia?

Learn more about the geology of the Pacific Northwest here… (affiliate)

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