This art completes him...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for may 19, 2021...

Panic as building shakes violently for unknown reasons in Shenzhen, China… No earthquakes, no wind

Gigantic hail in Mexico…

Similar to those record-breaking Texas hailstones, no?

Another HAZMAT train crashes & catches fire in Iowa, just 24 hours after Minnesota derailment

Beware of dangerous zombie trees in Texas

NASA and ESA capture twin solar eruptions in incredible detail for 1st time

Amazing videos of major eruption of Stromboli volcano, Italy

His plane happened to fly by Cape Canaveral during the Atlas V launch

You better be scientists and believe in climate change

Meanwhile, a blizzard is hitting Manitoba, Canada

First images from China's Mars rover Zhurong released…

Facebook shuts down pro-Israel page with 77 million followers

Concerns grow over China nuclear reactors shrouded in mystery

Alarming levels of ‘forever chemicals’ in US mothers’ breast milk

Darwin's Arch off Galapagos Islands collapses into Pacific Ocean

Who bought at 60,000$?Signs were clear

What is this blob baffling experts?

Always these birds…

I think 5G is also responsible for these bird mass die-offs

At least four people were killed in roof collapse incidents after a dust storm hit parts of Karachi, Pakistan on Tuesday evening…

Canada is running out of land

Texas bans most abortions in the state...

Shamattawa First Nation declares state of emergency over suicide crisis

This art completes him…

The 12 most sought after healing crystal stones and their properties to improve your life

NASA leaks UFO wreck found on Mars

Water wells are at risk of going dry in the US and around the world

You better protect your water now… (affiliate)

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