Time to rewrite textbooks?

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 7, 2021

Time to rewrite textbooks? Scientists detect signs of a hidden structure inside Earth’s core

After weeks of volcanic activity, today’s eruption of Mount Etna covered streets with ash and projectiles in the region of Giarre, Catania, Sicily, Italy…

Sangay volcano, located in Ecuador, threw ash to a height of 12.2 km during a violent eruption recorded on Saturday, March 6, at 4:00 GMT…

The mighty Pacaya volcano is also going crazy in Guatemala!

A demon asteroid this weekend

Swiss Burka ban

Largest known luminous vertebrate is a 2-meter glow-in-the-dark shark

Paris could collapse underground

New antibiotic range with permafrost bacteria

February 2021: Extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteor fireballs

Saudi Arabia and the hydrogen market

How to poison the data that Big Tech uses to surveil you

A woman in NY discovers a second appartment behind the bathroom mirror:

Frozen deer face in Kazakhstan

Mask burning rally in Boise, Idaho

Minneapolis is on edge

1,000,000-Bolivar bills in Venezuela

We are entering genuinely scary times, but I think we all know rationally that, when faced with a massive, long-term unavoidable predicament, living in a constant state of fear is not a helpful or tenable response.

One of the most effective ways to lessen fear is to focus on altruism. Altruistic thinking and behavior has been scientifically shown to dampen the fear response in our amygdala. Similar ideas are also discussed in the writings of evolutionary biologist EO Wilson:

“The primal fear triggered by stressful or anger-producing stimuli...is counterbalanced by an automatic shutdown of fear-inducing thought when altruistic behavior is appropriate.”

Altruism can take the form of building your community’s resilience and connectedness in the face of Earth changes or collapse threats.

Just thought I’d share this, in case it’s helpful to anyone, as it’s been helpful to me.


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