Tragic! At least nine new vaccine billionaires

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for May 21, 2021...

Major shaking in China: M7.3 and M6.1 (videos)

Extremely rare Albino spectacled cobra (Naja naja) sighted first time in India…

10 natural remedies for joint pain and stiffness

Covid-19 vaccines have created at least nine new billionaires

Secretive FBI dig continues on the bank of a lake in Oakland Park

Epic sandstorm in Dagestan… More videos here

Terrifying moment suspension bridge swings out of control in creepy video footage

A lot of methane over Canada

And this same methane gas in Siberia causes earth's surface to wobble

There may be realistic ways to create cosmic bridges predicted by general relativity

This bridge collapse in Washington is also amazing… Watch the video

Heavy rains reduce Gulf Coast refinery output

Omega Block forming over Michigan, and that means 90 degrees

Bright green fireball explodes over Twin Cities, Minnesota…

Discover the mystic ‘River Of Five Colors’ in Colombia

Millions of mice are swarming Australian towns


10 ways to clean your drinking water after disaster…

Now this is the best tool to filter your water… (affiliate)

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