Two colliding galaxies create big HEART in the Universe

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 8, 2021...

Exploring the Antennae by Bernard Miller… The Universal heart…

Nature FIFTH force

Historic cold blast to sweep cross Alaska tis week

French winemakers light up fields to save the 2021 harvest from early season frosts

Global food costs keep climbing

Who are 'White Lies Matter'?

California tests nuclear blast defense against asteroids

This is how to look for sprites

Sorry guys, but we have to dump this Fukushima radioactive water into the ocean

100 years later, the Scientific American reversal on CO2

New Comet C/2019 U5 (PANSTARRS)

Whales don’t like it at all!

The 'ghost forests' of North Carolina

Nearly 200 died in Texas cold storm and blackouts

Here some pictures

Possible nova detected in Sagittarius… Image below

We have many more than five senses — here's how to make the most of them

China Using Bitcoin as a ‘Financial Weapon’

Villagers gather to 'wake the dead' in bizarre ritual involving dousing corpse in water

A stunning example of owl camouflage…

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