We are close to Doomsday

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for May 7, 2021...

Don’t tell me this is a lense flare

Trindade Island’s UFO sighting

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe detected a natural radio signal that revealed the spacecraft had flown through the planet’s upper atmosphere…

New Comet C/2021 E3 (ZTF)

Volcanoes on Mars could be active

And these Mars shrooms are another proof for live

That’s no good news for the overdue Cascadia earthquake

Meet the other social influencers of the animal kingdom

Demand for armed drones is surging

Brightest double rainbow I have ever seen...taken this afternoon in East Limestone, Alabama.

Giant California condors trash woman’s house

Covid Has Triggered The Next Great Financial Crisis

The global house price boom could haunt the recovery from Covid-19

Become the proud owner of the rarest gold coins on the market… (affiliate)

A new sunspot is emerging over the sun's northeastern limb, and it's a big one. Extreme UV telescopes onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded this blast on May 5th while AR2822 was still on the farside of the sun:

Geology is epic: Unusual 1500 foot-high lava fountains in Iceland

New submarine threat

Fake coronavirus vaccine cards around

Turn your vehicle into a safe and cozy camper with this simple trick… (affiliate)

Meteorologists have determined the parameters of the largest hailstone that fell during a hail storm on April 28 in the suburb of San Antonio (USA, Texas): 571 grams, 16.25 centimeters in diameters... It went through the roof of a home

3 earthquakes rattle Lake Tahoe region

You remember the Tahoe swarm a week ago?

A busy hurricane season is on the horizon

Thousands of Brood X cicadas invade NC woman’s property

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