What are these mysterious UFOs?

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 13, 2021...

From blue to red in Mexico

Mysterious UFO encounters probed by Pentagon could ‘hypersonic drones from China or Russia’

When a deer fight went wrong… OMG

Heavy ashfall on the Leeward coast of St Vincent and the Grenadines Picture: @NEMOSVG

Did you see it?

Neuralink brain chips implanted in humans THIS year

Livestock shootings increase

Travis Walton UFO incident

The full Tiananmen Square Massacre ‘Tank Man’ photo, is more powerful than the cropped version…

First GMO mosquitoes to be released nn the Florida Keys

Proud to be a Canadian

Iran enriches uranium to 60%

This is Blue banded bee (Amegilla cingulata). They live mostly in Australia. These bees are very important for the production of food and contribute to at least 30% of crops in Australia.

Lightning kills 68 goats in Portugal

Egypt seizes the Ever Given

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin lands a Pentagon contract to design nuclear-powered spacecraft

Mammatus clouds captured over St. Petersburg, Russia on April 10, 2021

Tropical cyclone Seroja: Trail of devastation in Western Australia

German coal phaseout – lasted only 8 days

U.S. Calls for Pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine After Clotting Cases

Mysterious rainbow on Mars

Japan burns a portion of its garbage and uses the resulting ash in land reclamation. As of 2012 Japan has created over 250 square kilometers (96 square miles) of new land using this method

How WIFI propagates in a building

Protect yourself from nasty radiations… (affiliate)

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