When is this all going to stop?

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 6, 2021

Swiss Alps, Martian Sky by Jens Bydal

Biggest, fastest known asteroid flyby of 2021 takes place on March 21

Pacaya in Guatemala again…

Semeru volcano puffs a smoke ring… This is how they form

What if Berlin disappeared in a major eruption

California is bone dry

Seismic unrest still hot in New Zealand

Croatia is soon a Swiss cheese

Poison-laden drones to fight mouse plague in Australia

Shark gets stabbed in the head by

Polar bears have black skin and clear, hollow fur. Their clear fur allows more sunlight to reach the skin, and their dark skin absorbs heat better.

Bacteria can be effectively immortal

Plummeting sperm counts

About three thousand of these motocycles were made and mainly used in Operation Market Garden during WWII.

Swarms of aerial drones from unmanned submarines and ships

Sky Hub: a global network of smart sensors designed to snag digital signatures of anomalous events in the sky

Myanmar gov website got HACKED

Tree’s vascular system exposed after a lightning strike

Spring Break going wild

Ebola infects 28 people, kills 11 in Guinea, DRC

200 km/h Tropical cyclone Niran hits New Caledonia today

The tallest tree in Wales was damaged by a storm and needed to be cut down. Instead, chainsaw artist Simon O’Rourke created this to symbolize the tree’s final attempt to reach the sky.

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