When the Earth is angry...

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for March 17, 2021...

When the world is angry, we have:

  • Weird colors appear in the sky…

Are these weird clouds actually warning us of the next devastating earthquake?

When Earth is angry, we have:

  • Some volcanoes erupting continuously like Pacaya in Guatemala:

And Etna in Italy (14th episode in 3 weeks):

  • 3 tsunamis in one day in New Zealand:

  • A sudden wildfire in New Jersey and more than 30 buildings destroyed:

  • A M6.6 earthquake in Kamchatka Peninsula… Look at the waves propagating across the US in the video below:

  • Large tennis ball sized hail in Oklahoma:

  • Alabama is hit by powerful tornadoes:

Meanwhile this baby penguin looks like an angry kiwi fruit…

A nice read: ‘The Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy’

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