White lions and a creepy sun

Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for July 9, 2021...

I hope your are feeling well… I feel sick! Hope it will get better over the weekend!

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The sun in all it’s creepy…

M6.0 earthquake followed by swarm of aftershocks in California: The earthquake swarm occurred along the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada, but witnesses reported shaking across much of Northern California, including the Sacramento region, and even as far away as San Francisco's Bay Area and Carson City, Nevada.

Severe weather and flooding hit the New York City area as remnants of Tropical Storm Elsa threatened to pummel tri-state areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

America's impressive history of bioweapons attacks against its own people

Etna again… July 8, 2021…

An amateur astronomer has discovered a new moon of Jupiter. While it hasn't received official designation yet, it would bring the tally of Jovian satellites to 80…

Orion's Belt at noon over Ross Island, Antarctica (78 ° S). The first sunrise is expected in 6 weeks. Picture by Danny Hampton…

Banking faces seismic changes

They were able to save a baby deer… Fire apocalypse near Chelyabinsk…

Consequences from lockdowns: Mass shootings risingEpidemic of child sex abuseweak immune systems

These lions are not albinos but extremely rare white lion quadruplets

3 benefits of black seed oil for hair health

5 countries and 5 dead Presidents/PMs after refusing vaccine… Coincidence? Hell NO!

  • JOHN MAGUFULI (61), President, Tanzania, † 17.03.2021

  • HAMED BAKAYOKO (56), Ivory Coast Prime Minister, † 03/10/2021

  • AMBROSE DLAMINI (52), Prime Minister Swaziland, † 13.12.2020

  • PIERRE NKURUNZIZA (55), President, Burundi, † 08.06.2020

  • And the recent one, Haiti President, Jovenel Moïse

Pace of California wildfires well ahead of disastrous 2020

Here we go again! Exceptional heatwave on top of exceptional drought, this is just relentless…

The coming financial collapse is going to be very shocking and traumatic for most of the general public. They will not be prepared and therefore, when it happens IT WILL FLIP THEIR ENTIRE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN

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