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Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for February 6, 2021

This looks like a 1980’s heavy metal band’s album cover. But it’s actually the Colima Fire Volcano! Picture by Photograper Sergio Tapiro Velasco in December of 2015!

The polar vortex is making a funny joke again!

Wisconsin researchers link chimpanzee-killing disease to new species of bacterium and worry now that it will jump to humans. Will this bacterium be worse than the coronavirus?

Please don’t eat this orange snow!

It’s all about fracking quakes in Oklahoma

2 new comets and a rare trojan asteroid newly discovered

Apocalytic locust plague engulfs Somalia and Saudia Arabia:

Psycho seagull wins WBC title.

UFO and the great unknown

Iowa governor goes all kamikaze against COVID

Meanwhile, President Biden new executive order forces face masks on all federal property.

But Mount St.Helens rumbles again

Good Bye Mardi Gras


What are they going to do… Give me life?

Now, do I have to tear my castle down? Yep, sir!

Nuclear war with China or Russia is 'a real possibility'

Mouse apocalypse in Australia

117 inmates take over section of downtown St. Louis jail

Ghostly figure spotted standing over grave at one of America’s ‘most haunted cemeteries’

Amber Alert for Chucky doll:

The show must go on:

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