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Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for February 9, 2021

The eerie sounds of Lake Baikal (by Alexey Kolganov)

2021 in a landslide… oups sorry avalanche

Polar bear killed by mating partner during sex…

Very loud snow lightning in Siberia

Saudi Arabia: Desert covered in hail and flooding after apocalyptic storm

Germany: Snow chaos forces hundreds to sleep in their cars on the highway

That eruption of Fuego volcano in Guatemala is just amazing:

But there are also ice volcanoes erupting around the world

Monolith madness not over yet. Now in ancient alien temple

There seems to be 2 balls of light in the distance, and when the FLIR locks on it speeds away so fast the FLIR can't keep up with it. Do you see that too?

And what about this weird triangle UFO?

Crematories on double shifts, refrigerated trucks in parking lots

Biden climate actions to jolt electricity prices

Sasquatch sighted in Pennsylvania, could be in Lititz now:

Don't play Russian roulette with an automatic pistol

First 3D-printed rib-eye is unveiled

Pickup truck goes flying off Wisconsin highway ramp:

Multiple Victims In 'Appalling' Shooting At MN Health Clinic...

"Radical Jew Slayer" arrested in Texas for selling a AM-15 to an undercover contact

What about this Scientology ad during superbowl?

The United States is teetering on the brink of civil war…

Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq end at records… Meanwhile Bitcoin almost hit 50,000$

Pitbull drops Covid truth bomb…

Hacked sex robots could be told to kill users...

Sometimes, the man who is shot and killed is not the suspect they are looking for

If you leave a negative review of a law firm online, they might get all law-firmy about it

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