Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for January 27, 2021

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Another day, another newsletter full of volcanic eruptions, fireballs and other surprising natural phenomena! Be curious and discover your daily news in the links below!

WOW! Look at these cacti covered by snow and photographed by Mike Olbinski in Arizona, USA on January 26, 2021. You don’t see that too often!

Another violent eruption occurred at Merapi volcano in Indonesia, creating pyroclastic flows and burying towns in ash.

This is the second eruption triggering evacuations in 2 weeks.

Do you know why does a week have 7 days? And how come the day after Monday is Tuesday and not, say, Saturday? It’s ancient and very interesting!

This moon halo pictured by Goran Strandt near the city of Östersund, Sweden on January 25, 2021 is just amazing!

Last Thursday, the polar nights ended finally in Utqiagvik, the northernmost community in the US, for the first time in 66 days.

And the picture of this first sunrise is just amazing! (see below)

A mystery boom keeps people baffled across Bakersville, California. Here a video about these unexplained bangs. And what could they be?

Temperatures are very to extremely cold in northern Asia from Russia, to Mongolia and Kazakhstan, with animals freezing sunddenly or even instantly to death. Whoa!

A heatwave sweeping south-east Australia has sent temperatures soaring in the nation's biggest cities and escalated the threat of bushfires. A large blaze has been contained in Adelaide, South Australia after it burned through 2,500 hectares.

Peru capital and largest port on a brink of a health emergency as no more beds are left in intensive care stations due to the Corona second wave. So be ready to see dead people piling up in churches and mortuaries. Deadliest month in the US.

Gray whales are starving to death. And it’s too bad because I do love whales. Learn more about these amazing animals below.

Earth has had at least 5 major ice ages. Now it appears Mars – the next planet outward from the sun – has undergone anywhere from half a dozen to 20 ice ages in the past several hundred million years.

Meanwhile, some rare sequential lunar impacts were detected on the moon on January 18th, 2021:

A man with a knife attacked and wounded several people in the city of Frankfurt on Tuesday morning before he was detained by authorities. But he missed up everything and didn’t kill anybody!

Record midwest snowstorm with citizens struggling to overcome conditions. Read more about the double weather blast hitting the US right now in this post.

In the week when the United States of America has gotten its first female vice-president, Estonia will become the only country in the world that has both a female president and female prime minister at the helm. Shall we now invest in Estonia?

And now a meteorite surprised residents of Temuco, Chile On January 26, 2021:

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