Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena - February 3, 2021

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Let’s start this news letter with a big WOW! Do you also recognize Poseidon - the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses in Greek mythology - in this wave?

Can you believe that? A 30-meter UFO entered Volcano Popocatépetl in Mexico:

Insane US gun trade chart

Your daily dose of natural disasters

Every US state – including Hawaii – will see below freezing temperatures over the next week.

A M6.7 earthquake hit Chile - no tsunami risk

It's not supposed to be wildfire season in California. Yet, a month into 2021, the Golden State has more than doubled the number of wildfires in 2020 – a record-setting year with more than 9,600 blazes that blackened more than 4 million acres.

Meanwhile, nine children, ages 13 to 15, were killed by lightning in Arua, Uganda, while playing soccer. Any new wildfires reported?

Weather affects Covid

Short but awesome fireball over Kansas:

Millions of pounds of oysters are mysteriously dying in Louisiana. According to oystermen, the creatures that had been healthy and alive the week before — were found dead, their mouths agape. It's unclear why.

The Horn of Africa has got a new Asian mosquito species in town — and it has the potential to become a major problem if it’s not dealt with. Think rise in urban malaria cases in East Africa.

Space junk vs NASA: An always bigger problem

Your daily dose of mystery and ancient history

A mysterious explosion rattled many in Sipitang, Labuan, Lawas (Sarawak), and parts close to these areas on Sunday (Jan 31). The loud blast captured in the video below could have been a sonic boom or a meteorite which exploded in mid-air. What is behind this weird shaking phenomenon?

If you heard a big boom in south Overland Park, Kansas this morning, you may be wondering what's going on. Nobody knows…

Along the southeastern coast of Alaska, archaeologists have discovered the site of a long-lost fort used by Indigenous people as a last wall of defense against colonization from Russia 200 years ago. Same now but with missiles!

I apologize for thinking you ate babies:

100,000-year-old story could explain why the Pleiades are called 'Seven Sisters.'

World News, Health and Society

Nebraska Catholic priest who boasted about performing exorcism at the Capitol during the riots faces expulsion from the church.

China buy Texas oil-producing acreage

Rochester police union head defends pepper-spraying 9-year-old girl

Is this the next Robocop movie set? No Oakland:

Their goal is to destroy everyone

Fleeing woman shot in her back after tearing down one of his Nazi flags

For the first time ever, the Empire State Building and 13 other office buildings owned by the same company were powered solely by wind.

Amazon. com Inc.’s plans for its new northern Virginia headquarters feature an outdoor theme.

We are all becoming zombies

Your daily dose of Corona

Merkel dictatorship and Denmark digital pass

Massachusetts: Shorter prison sentences by getting COVID vaccine

Sacramento: Locations of vaxx centers kept secret

Rutgers researcher who created first COVID saliva test mysteriously dies

The Church of Scientology received 80 pandemic disaster loans from the U.S. government totaling $6,413,740.

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