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"The Whole Thing is a Hoax". If the whole thing is all about this world and this life, then the whole thing is a waste of time. But if the whole thing is discovering who you really are and getting to know your own heart,...than it is an adventure to a glorious eternity.

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LOL. Another collection of money for a fund in Hawaii. Like the other funds they stole over the past years. The pension fund 330 mil, the Hurricane relief fund (which was skimmed by their losing "investments") and anything else they can pilfer without ever addressing a problem with any actual solution. Just like those poor folks will never get back to Lahaina.

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So much important stuff, thank You Manuel!

IN regard to the first news from the richest. They sell their stuff, to WHOM??? Elon Musk??

Catherine Austin Fitss says the world's money supplies (the most from the richest of course) are 'disappearing', which would indicate a confiscation for a sudden change, due to 'artificial lack' of money.. Anything digital, i.e. equivalent to a thin air? In the meantime when they sell, what do they buy? Gold and precious metals?? Land and space? Or just nothing, they have too much of everything anyway, all what they need is the FINAL POWER over every HUMAN.

Just wonder who paid the TV fees of that dead UK woman?

The translation of the text on the poster of the polish farmers, throwing away the invader towards Russia(,,,,) is actually

''Hospitability is over, ungrateful mother f*ckers"

Boy, could this world be a paradise if everyone had the same attitude towards stealing like the Japanese...

Last but not least, sex is sex, and work for money in this area is called prostitution.

And now a bitter irony to the question:

"Is there a secret way to heal the body faster that we aren't told of? I think so, but I just haven’t found it yet…"

and answer ( sarcastic joke...), depending on who pays for the study, you can get this answer:

"Carrageenan-Based Compounds as Wound Healing Materials" (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9409225/)

To asnwer that question best it to get OLD books, articles, resources which are disappearing with an exponential tempo, describing these simple known facts about VitC, Vitamin D3, Alpha lipoic acid, Mg, iodine, even own urine, and so much more....

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I'm going to listen to that whole Jimmy Dore show about building 7 because I look at ALL sides of any debate before settling on the truth IN ANY MATTER because I LOVE the truth. But first I'd like to mention the fact that MOST people in this world don't even KNOW about building 7 and how it collapsed, allegedly from "fires which began on the 17th floor".

Who could look at the collapses and believe ANYTHING other than controlled demolition??? AND, if it was controlled demolition in building 7, and the twin towers fell exactly the same way, how could anyone believe the "official" 9/11 Commission Report which says that they all collapsed by the "pancake theory" which I won't even bother to explain because my brain won't process such nonsense!

Another fact is that Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center complex, while being interviewed for the news ADMITTED that building seven was a controlled demolition. Nobody knows about this either! From his own mouth...", “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire, [in building 7] and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse,'"

Question 9/11 truth denier: How could they make the decision to "pull it", very specific language of the profession of building demolition which means to push the button which will begin the carefully laid explosive chain reaction which explosives had been strategically placed to bring down the building - a process which takes WEEKS if not MONTHS to complete - if it had not been previously planned to be demolished? It would take complete access to all three buildings over that period of time and there is evidence of that also in the days leading up to the murders of 9/11.

The following is an excerpt from my book "Evolution: Fact or Fallacy by Jeremiah C Maddox (pseudonym) Who wired them [the buildings] and why did you allow it, Larry? Could it be that the complex was insured for over 2.25 billion dollars and MORE, all of which you collected DOUBLE INDEMNITY (4.5 billion dollars) from the insurance company later counting buildings one and two as TWO separate terrorist attacks?

And what’s up with the strange phone call you made to your insurance carrier ON THE DAY OF THE COLLAPSE and after the collapse of buildings one and two asking if you could suddenly “conduct a demolition of building 7" like you’re taking out the trash, because, you told them, the foundation had sustained damage? (not because of the previous excuse given of small fires) Are you trying to say that the foundation was inspected during the chaotic events of this day?

Who inspected it, Larry? Did you really think you could get away with so massive a lie? (but he did!) Did you expect anyone to believe you were intending to call in a demolition team after asking your insurance company for permission over the phone, like you’re ordering a pizza, requesting if you could authorize a demolition team to come out and completely wire a 47 story building that was ON FIRE, with all adjacent surrounding areas blocked by debris and in complete chaos, all in only a couple of hours to prepare to “pull it” for that perfect collapse that we all witnessed?

“Hello”, ACME Demolition Company? Ah, yes. This is Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center. Could you hurry up and send over a demolition team to wire our building to demolish it this afternoon? It’s an emergency.”

I dedicated a whole chapter of my book to the inconsistencies and lies of 9/11 and there is so much more than what I mentioned here, available for ANYONE to know because these things are all over the internet! I wanted to show the similarity of the two (the lie of evolution and the lie of 9/11 and how the people are made to believe lies). It didn't take me long to write that chapter as there were hundreds of websites and links to the truth of what happened that day yet the whole world seems to believe the IMPOSSIBLE claims of the 9/11 Commission Report which is the biggest compilation of lies since Darwin's "Origin of the Species". And it's truths are also lapped up by most MSM watching, faithful people who, with all of the evidence before them, continue to ignore the truth in favor of the lie. So much more could be said.

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Another great "Round Up"!! Thanks, Manuel!!

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Yes. There is a secret way to heal your body. Your unconscious mind is more powerful than you know.

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"Always be afraid"?

I don't live in fear.

What a waste if you do.

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I repeat:

Nothing to see here.

Just an undercover video of Alexei Navalny asking MI6 Officer James Thomas Ford for $10-20 Million/year to start a color revolution in Russia.

He was organizing a coup & got arrested.

Was he also working with the CIA? @DC_Draino


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